Submit your confessions here. It can be anything, from you crush all the way to a deep secret in the past. Let it out- tell someone something you haven't been able to say!!!

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I do give advice as well :)

The name I will go by is Hailstorm

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*To this anon and anyone else; feel free to private message me, just put (advice) in front of it- I have been in a very similar situation, stay strong and remember that you are not alone.*
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To my followers dealing with eating disorders, please take the time to read this. I care


Please be sure to take vitamins, I understand the way you feel, and I dont promote it or encourage it but just to be safe. I can’t talk anyone out of anything, but I can try to make it safer.

Vitamins can save your life in cases! Just take a few a day! Please!

Reblog, spread it. Please…

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Going to bed for a while…

I shall return tomorrow, please send me some stuff! 


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I take ANY confessions- from ‘my ass itches’ all the way to ‘I want to die’- let it out


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